Japan 24-Hour live-streamed event: Erotica Will Save The World, Donate for Boobs – Paradise TV

Last weekend. on the 25th-26th of August, Japan had its annual AIDS awareness and fund raising event, and boy was it different from Live Aid.

From the Huffingtonpost:

… All money raised at the charity breast squeeze benefitted STOP!AIDS, an organization aimed at promoting AIDS awareness, treatment and prevention. It is unaffiliated with the Stop AIDS Project that is run by the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

After making a donation and sanitizing their hands, participants over the age of 18 were allowed to squeeze the breasts of one of 10 Japanese adult video actresses, according to Rocket News 24. A limit of two squeezes per hand were allowed: If donors felt like copping another feel, they had to give again…

Great incentive for a 1000 yen donation if you ask me.

In addition, undergarments worn by female celebrity participants were also auctioned off to the highest bidder.

And here’s a snippet of the live event, and yes, it has been mostly censored for Youtube (but still NSFW).


Marking down your calendars next year for a Japan trip?

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